• The Beginning

    Our founder, Mr. J.P. Singh, embarked on a journey in the timber industry, initiating commercial trading of timber in Madhya Pradesh. This marked the beginning of what would become a legacy in wood and timber trading.

  • Expanding Horizons

    The Singh family expanded their operations to include Assam, broadening their reach and expertise in the timber industry.

  • A New Generation

    Mr. Anand Kumar Singh, inheriting his father's vision, pioneered the trading of imported timber, seamlessly weaving global insights into our local mastery.

  • Stepping into Manufacturing

    Marking a pivotal shift, Mr. Anand Singh ventured overseas, curating timber from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Burma, enriching our portfolio with diverse global resources.

  • Building The Foundation

    In Baidyabati, West Bengal, the Singh family proudly established our first manufacturing unit for processing imported timber, signaling a deep dive into the intricate world of timber processing and manufacturing.

  • Plywood Revolution

    A landmark decision was made to initiate the manufacturing of plywood under the banner of Singh Brothers Exim Pvt. Ltd, where we ventured into plywood manufacturing, complemented by a state-of-the-art veneer production line.

    We also distinguished ourselves as the only company in India to establish an in-house resin plant for plywood manufacturing and set new industry benchmarks in quality control.

  • Recognized for Quality

    Our Baidyabati Unit in West Bengal received the ISO 9001 certification, followed by OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 certifications, underscoring our commitment to quality and environmental management.

  • Diversifying Our Offerings

    We added a new product to our range – manufacturing Flush Doors, further diversifying our portfolio.

  • Global Recognition

    Sylvan Ply was honored as "India's Most Promising Brand 2014" by the World Consulting Research Corporation and its process advisor, ERNST & YOUNG, at 'The Global Indian Summit' in London, a testament to our growing global presence.

  • A Rising Star of Bengal

    Our Chairman, Mr. Jai Prakash Singh, was awarded the "Rising Star of Bengal" for his significant contributions and entrepreneurship in Bengal.

  • Technological Advancements

    We introduced the Core Composer and High-Tech Calibrator machines which revolutionized our production quality and quantity tenfold, setting new standards in the industry.

    As a leap towards delivering the best, we also installed advanced machinery and equipment for our in-house Anti-termite and borer solution plant.

  • A New Chapter in Evolution

    In a landmark move, Sylvan Ply transitioned from a Private Limited to a Public Limited company. This shift was a testament to our growth in the future and marked a new era of transparency, governance, and unwavering commitment to excellence to embrace larger horizons in the industry.

  • Nationwide Presence

    Celebrating a decade in the industry, Sylvan Ply established a strong presence across India, marking a 10 year milestone in our national reach.

  • Revolutionary Fireguard Technology

    We launched our revolutionary Fireguard Technology. Our premium products received the IS: 5509 certification, indicating fire-resistant properties in plywood, ensuring ultimate protection for homes.

  • Automation and Excellence

    In a major step towards modernization, we began the automation of our manufacturing unit, integrating the latest technology specifically designed for plywood manufacturing. This pivotal move has streamlined our production processes ensuring a higher level of precision and efficiency.

  • Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

    Sylvan Ply commenced the production of products adhering to the E0 standards, validated by comprehensive test reports. With the goal of minimizing formaldehyde emissions, our products embody our dedication to ecological safety, ensuring a healthier environment for our customers.

    Our Research & Development team, motivated by their pursuit of innovation, is working tirelessly to extend the E0 standards to a broader range of our products, further solidifying our commitment to eco-friendly practices.