• Gateway Pine FD

    Introducing the Gateway Pine Wood Flush Door from Sylvan Ply—a hallmark of quality and durability. Certified to IS:2202 standards, this door is both boiling water-proof. and crafted from high-density, high-fibrous pinewood with carefully selected core veneers. Each layer is bonded with phenol-formaldehyde resin and a glue line protector, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting product. Experience the superior craftsmanship and reliability of Sylvan Ply with the Gateway Pine Wood Flush Door.

    • Category: Premium
    • ATBS:
    • 4X Glue line Protection
    • Calibration:

    Key Attributes

    Range of Thickness

    30mm | 32mm | 35mm | 38mm | 40mm (Can vary as per the requirements)


    ➤ Density: 0.75 gm/ cm3

    ➤ Moisture content: 10 to 15%

    ➤ The general flatness of shutter: not more than 1 mm

    ➤ Local plainness: below 0.4 mm

    ➤ Impact indentation: below 0.18 mm

    ➤ Shock resistance: can withstand more than 30 blows

    ➤ Resistance to misuse: excellent

    ➤ Glue adhesion strength: excellent

    ➤ The resistance of shutter to immersion in water: excellent

    ➤ Nail holding strength: above 1000 N

    ➤ Screw holding strength: above 1250 N

    ➤ Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European standard

    ➤ Fully preservative treated for borer, termite, and fungus

    ➤ Selected species as per BIS specification.

    ➤ Mechanized manufacturing process.

    ➤ High density and high fibrous pinewood

    ➤ 100 % chemically treated & seasoned as per BIS specification

    ➤ High dimensional stability & strength

    ➤ No warping and bending

    ➤ Smooth surface

    ➤ High shock and buckling resistance

    ➤ Zero deflection in flexure and edge loading.

    ➤ Core: High-density timber

    ➤ Face: Gurjan or Equivalent


    End Usages

    • Commercial Doors Commercial Doors
    • Residential Doors Residential Doors


    As per warranty certificate