• Shuttering Ply

    Sylvan Shuttering Ply is manufactured with selected hardwood, this ply withstands the load and force encountered during the pouring of concrete and vibration. It is more economical in repeated usage compared to other plywood varieties.

    Key Attributes

    Range of Thickness

    4mm | 6mm | 9mm | 12mm | 16 mm | 19mm | 25mm


    ➤Formaldehyde Emission level: E1 as per European standard

    ➤Fully preservative treated for borer, termite, and fungus

    ➤Unique glue line protection formula

    ➤Undiluted phenol-formaldehyde resin as adhesive

    ➤Tolerance: up to 4 mm +/- 10%

    ➤Above 4 mm +/- 5%

    ➤Moisture Content: 8 to 10%

    ➤Mycological test: complies with the requirement

    ➤Glue shear strength (Dry state): 1425 N

    ➤Preservative: acid copper chrome composition

    ➤Screw Holding Strength: 290 Kgf above

    ➤Nail Holding Strength: 115 Kgf above

    ➤Density: 0.75 gm/cm³

    ➤Glue shear strength (In Wet):1200 N

    ➤Tensile strength –
    Above 450 kgf/cm2 (in face grain)
    Above 300 kgf/cm2 (in the right angle to the face grain)

    ➤Sum of both value – above 850 kgf/cm2

    ➤Static bending strength – MOE

    Above 7700 N/mm² (along the face grain)

    Above 4500 n/mm²(across the face grain)

    ➤Weight bending strength – MOE

    Above 4600 N/mm² (along the face grain)

    Above 3800 n/mm2 (across the face grain)

    ➤MOR –
    Above 46 N/mm² (along the face grain)

    Above 35 N/mm2 (across the face grain)

    ➤Retention of Preservative: Above 13Kg/m3

    End Usages

    • Construction Construction
    • Civil Work Beams Roofing Civil Work Beams Roofing